The journey of working towards more inclusive, fair and resilient business models as well as the transition towards digital and sustainable economies needs to be financed.

The EU’s annual funding needs to meet climate and energy targets are about €330 billion and keeping up with the digital megatrends requires an additional €125 billion per year.

Traditional funding sources, whether through public investments or bank loans, are clearly insufficient to close these funding gaps.

Effective capital markets can constitute an important channel to attract private capital, in particular from institutional investors.

NowCM reduces barriers to entry especially in the fragmented EU capital markets by creating and providing the most complete cloud-native platform and fully regulated marketplace to reshape the bond primary market in Europe.

For this we break silos, lower barriers, reduce costs, increase efficiency and decrease error-rates, as well as enable real-time, actionable primary price discovery.

This leads to a deep, efficient, easy-to-standardize, highly transparent, and liquid next generation bond market to support the companies and governments in the EU to tackle its funding challenges and achieving Sustainable Development Goals.





Every year, European companies and governments rely on access to capital markets for some €7 trillion in financing.

In Europe, dept capital markets currently host some 25% of annual primary debt financing volumes.

We believe that this should be doubled to 50% over the next decade.

NowCM’s solutions can help to achieve significant progress:

Bring down cost barriers

to entry for new and infrequent issuers

Achieve error-free execution

as well as time savings for all issuers – big and small

Enable primary price discovery

real-time & actionable

NowCM is an active participant and counterparty of the primary value chain and connected to the financial infrastructure like no other. We deliver these benefits as a service provider, catalyst and principal through our three interconnected platforms:

a powerful set of treasury solutions and services

MiFID2 compliant and cloud-native workflow services

the only regulated primary marketplace for fixed income instruments in the world

NowCM’s treasury solutions are both powerful and versatile – especially so for first-time and infrequent issuers in the capital markets.

So far, capital markets have been traditionally only economical at funding amounts upwards of €50-100 million. We bring this minimum economical financing amount down to €5 million.



minimum economical financing amount

It also broadens the financing options for an entirely new segment of potential issuers by offering full debt issuance programme capabilities at 80% lower costs and 4x faster than any other solutions in the market.

NowCM currently offers these treasury capabilities in accordance with English, German and – soon – French law and for most debt products at a flick of a switch.

lower costs
faster than any other solution

Our pre-deal workflows minimise the time that issuers and banks spend on documentation and maximise the time available to focus on investor relations, marketing, pricing and allocation.

fewer execution hours on NowCM compared to the current process

NowCM achieves these savings by digitising all transaction related documentation for all our issuer clients.

Whether the issuer wishes to conduct an RfP process, produce draft terms, final terms, global notes, subscription agreements or just deal announcements for Bloomberg – all are readily eligible for automation on NowCM.

These key benefits across different documents and language practices are made possible by our own data model as it contains over 3,500 variables and over 9,000 validation rules.

Every click on NowCM is automatically recorded, thus enabling full audit trails well beyond the requirements of MiFID2 – with all documents readily accessible and downloadable for more than a decade after the bond’s maturity.

Dealer banks
service providers

benefit from these execution efficiencies as well

Much broader range of potential issuer clients
Transitioning of capital-intensive bank loan to fee paying customers
Estimated 50-70% execution time savings for banks and lawyers

By connecting the dealer-led primary marketplace to its pre-deal workflows and treasury services, NowCM can create the first actionable primary marketplace in the world for both short- and long-term fixed income instruments.

ask for demoand ensure your feedback and wishes get incorporated to make this the success it’s destined to become!